Justifiably Joscelyn Series

Justifiably Joscelyn: The Rebound Guy

Joscelyn Bryant started her Saturday morning with a visit from Justin Chambers, her boyfriend of two years. Justin came with an unexpected ultimatum, which caused Joscelyn to wonder if her day could get any worse. Soon after Justin’s departure Eric West, the father of Joscelyn’s two children, showed up with a surprise of his own, and if she thought her day was bad she hadn’t seen anything yet. When her best friend Belinda Little showed up on her doorstep and offered her a free shopping spree she thought her day was looking up. Belinda and Joscelyn ended up at a local nightclub that was full of surprises, and Joscelyn quickly found that one night could change her entire life.

Justifiably Joscelyn 2: Happily Never After

​Joscelyn Bryant is more than just a single mother of two and a high school English teacher. She is engaged to be married to high powered Criminal Defense Attorney Justin Chambers, a man who once broke her heart by abandoning her when she did not agree to marry him the first time he asked. Joscelyn is having a baby for multi-business owner Bryson Jenkins, the man she pegged as just the rebound guy after her breakup with Justin. Her relationship with Eric West, the father of her two sons is completely platonic, yet complicated. Justin, Bryson, and Eric all seem to love Joscelyn in their own way, still despite the appearance of an overabundance of love, she is struggling to find her own happiness. Does love really make a woman happy? Is Joscelyn’s inability to be completely happy her woman’s intuition telling her that something is not right? Can Joscelyn find a way to overcome her feelings of sub-happiness so that she can finally be free to live happily ever after?
Any woman who has ever tried to find happiness outside of herself will identify with the dilemmas Joscelyn faces. Follow Joscelyn on her journey to survive situations she never thought she would have to endure, in hopes of overcoming, when circumstances doom her to live happily never after.

For the Love of Keljay

​Kyle Jerome Johnson kept his twelve year old son Keljay a secret from his wife Lacey, but one phone call changed everything. Kyle and Lacey Johnson find out that Keljay Johnson’s mother Kendra Jones was tragically killed in an automobile accident. Kyle convinces Lacey to travel with him to St. Augustine, Florida for Kendra’s funeral, and Keljay insists on coming home with them. Kyle loves his son, but fears that Keljay’s presence will be a constant reminder of his infidelity to Lacey and the death of his marriage.
Lacey Elizabeth Ann Johnson is no stranger to heartache. She was the sole survivor when her parents were killed in a car accident on her tenth birthday. She was taken in by her godmother Ann and molested by godmother’s boyfriend. Lacey met Kyle and he promised her happily ever after, but when he became an attorney, arrogance and adultery became his priorities. After nearly twenty years of broken promise, three miscarriages, and the arrival of Keljay, Lacey sees the changes in Kyle she prayed for. Keljay is the child she always wanted, but can she raise another woman’s child and love him as her own? Is the love of Keljay worth forgiving the man who caused her greatest hurt of her life?

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     Justifiably Joscelyn Series
  • Justifiably Joscelyn 3: Life is Short (coming soon)
  • Justifiably Justin: Eight (coming in 2021)
  • For the Love of Keljay
  • Emotional Attachment
  • Believably Bryson