Jacksonville Series

The Color of Love

Asia Bentley is a beautiful black single mother and a poet. After working one morning shift with Gene Ryan at Breezeway Airlines, Asia realizes that her feelings for him may be deeper than she originally thought they were. She shares her feelings with her closest friends Fallon Parks and Olivia Newton. When she reveals his race, and they don’t take her seriously, she decides that their opinions are not important to her. She is approached by another coworker Craig Banton, who is also a young black poet and stands out as a more suitable match for her, but she is convinced that Gene is the better choice for her. Mario Mitchell the father of her four year old son, and her stepmother Claire speak out against her relationship with Gene, but her attraction to him is something she is not willing to ignore. Asia’s inability to let go of her past and her big mouth cause turmoil in her relationship with Gene and it becomes clear that the insecurities that her friends tried to warn her about are about to doom her relationship. Pride won’t allow her to turn to Craig, and her fear of losing Gene causes her to realize that she doesn’t want to be alone. By the time she realizes how much she wants Gene in her life it may be too late…

Love on Wednesday

A little bit of love is better than no love at all. At least that is what Olivia Newton tells herself, until an unexpected pregnancy and a chance to be loved like she never knew possible changes all of that. Olivia knows chances are Gregory is never going to leave his wife, and Wednesday is the only day he pretends to care for her. She also realized that if she wants Craig to be true to her, she has to be true to him, and more importantly, true to herself. Craig seems too good to be true, so could he be keeping secrets of his own? Can Olivia let go of the man who was never really hers and embrace the love that is being so freely offered to her by Craig, or will she give in to Gregory despite a decade of broken promises and lies. This story is a reminder that everyone has a past, but if the right choices are made no one is too far from redemption.

I Don't 

What happens to a relationship when I do becomes I don’t and I will becomes I won’t? David and Fallon Mitchell are a happily married young couple who decide to extend their love by having a child. When fertility becomes an issue one of them is not willing to make the changes necessary to rectify the situation. David falls into a depression but his colleague Christiana Pearson is more than willing to pick him up. Christiana realizes a good man is hard to find and David is all that and more. Will Fallon get her act together before she loses David for good? Will David be able to see through the deception of a woman who masks her desire to have him as friendship, though she is only looking for the right time to take the man she wants? I DON’T is a book inspired by The Color of Love that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster that many women have traveled, and leave you wondering how love took such a drastic turn.

Schooling Ms. B

In pursuit of Gene Ryan, the man of her dreams, Asia Bentley moves to Eastwind, Georgia. She takes a teaching job, and is determined to make a difference in the lives of her students. Her teaching journey becomes the learning experience of a lifetime, as the students start to make a difference in her life. In one school year Asia will experience love, loss, loyalty, and nearly lose herself in the lessons of life. The teacher will become a student in the school of life, and in the end she will learn that once lost sometimes letting go is the only way to find herself again.

Cleaning Charlotte’s Closet: Charlotte’s Confessions

Terminally ill with blood cancer Charlotte has so many secrets that she cannot rest until she tells someone. Charlotte confesses some of her sins to her confidant Olivia Banton, in hopes of easing her guilty conscience. Charlotte has turned her life around, but she has so many skeletons in her closet, that she fears that her death will rock the world far more than her life ever did. 
Charlotte charges Olivia with the task of setting right the many things that she has made wrong, and though her voice is gone, she entrust Olivia with seven letters and the order in which to distribute them. The final letter is addressed to Olivia, but she makes her swear that she will only allow them to be opened in order, and Olivia agrees.
As promised after Charlotte’s death Olivia distributes the letters in succession, but is hesitant to continue as she sees how each one causes heartache in the ones she loves. Olivia must decide whether to grant Charlotte's final wish or allow the skeletons that seem to be falling out at record speed to remain in Charlotte's closet for all of eternity.

Mirrored Life

What happens when the reflection you see in the mirror is not your own?
Things change when a gunshot rings out in the Holmes family bathroom. Instead of seeing her own reflection in the mirror, Asia Holmes starts to see her mother Marie Bentley. Some events lead her to wonder if history might be trying to repeat itself as Marie speaks to her from the grave. Gregory Bentley urges his daughter Asia to stop living in the past, and as pieces to the puzzle of her mother start to fit together Asia understands why. Secrets will be revealed, lies will unfold, and with the help of Detective Ramon Ortiz, piece by piece, Asia is able to discover her mother’s final moments.

The King Has Returned: Battle for the Throne

The 813 Crew is the most infamous gang in Hillsborough County, Florida. Former leader Royal “Roy” Washington is back after serving a twenty-five year federal prison bid, and ready to take his place on the throne, and avenge his brother Bishop’s unsolved murder. King “Bank” Washington, who has been riding under the radar and running the 813 Crew in the background for about a decade after being shot and temporarily paralyzed, resurfaces walking and unwilling to relinquish his reign in the 813.
While a few members of the 813 want Royal back in charge, the majority of the soldiers want his son and predecessor King to remain on top. Kira “Ki-Ki” Washington is the daughter of Royal, and the sister of King. Kira quickly realizes she cannot walk the line and has to choose a side. She is faced with the same dilemma her mother faced nearly three decades earlier. She can side with money and power of her father, or side with the love and respect of her brother.
A war breaks out among the 813 and Kira quickly finds that all is not fair in love and war. She finds herself wondering if maybe the 813 is ready for a queen, instead of a king. In this fight among the 813, no rules apply. Lies, deceit, and betrayal become a way of life because after all, there can only be one true king…or queen!

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  • Mirrored Life
  • The King Has Returned