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Church Folks

Lillian Carter is eighteen, and a month out of high school, when she finds out she is pregnant. She tells her boyfriend Jarvis Davis, a college football star, and he encourages her to have an abortion. Lillian is not the type to run away from her problems, however in the face of adversity that is exactly what she does. She packs her car, tells her baby sister goodbye, and runs away from her grandmother’s home without looking back. She becomes Nicolette Cotter, but doesn’t realize that by running away she may have just run into her destiny…

Decisions Have Consequences

Everyone’s favorite Church Folks are back and some members of the Wright family are about to find out that the consequences of past decisions are still to come. Darian Wright decides that the only way to prepare for his future is to know more about his past. Darian’s decision leads him to a place where lying, cheating, and dishonesty are all acceptable actions. Alone, without his family’s words of wisdom, it is up to him to decide if the values instilled in him are worth heeding or ignoring. And the consequences of those decisions are his and his alone...

You Can Miss What You Never Had

Nicolette Wright doesn’t know how much more she can take. News from her grandmother’s doctor forces her to face the fact that there is only a matter of time before the woman who raised her passes away. Tamia Patterson, a woman who befriended her husband Darian a few years before starts to get too friendly, and only adds to her stress. She desperately tries to find her sister to no avail, and memories of her past start to take over her present. Nicolette is the daughter-in-law of a powerful pastor, has a husband and two sons she adores, still there is a part of her she has never known. With the loss of Grandma Dean looming in the near future she starts to Miss What She Never Had.

Adrian Wright is loving life as the single son of a preacher until he meets Tamia Patterson. Just when he thinks he has Tamia right where he wants her Iris Daniels, the woman he deemed the one that got away comes back into the picture with a surprise of her own. Adrian’s childhood friend Ariel Rowland reveals her attraction to him, and while Adrian’s way would normally be to date them all, he finds himself wondering which one is the future Mrs. Wright. He takes a good look at Darian Wright, his happily (or not so happily) married brother, and starts to Miss What He Never Had.

The Proposition

Jillian Holmes is put to the ultimate test when her husband Sheldon Holmes makes a business proposition with Keith Bailey. Sudden changes with Sheldon indicate that Jillian’s life is about to drastically change, and the Sheldon she once knew no longer exists. Despite sexual, physical, and verbal abuse from Sheldon, Jillian’s undying commitment to him prevails. Jillian’s co-worker and only friend Lawanda Parks tries to be a voice of reason in her life, but Jillian is determined to keep her family together. A turn of events due to Sheldon and Keith’s proposition gives her the perfect opportunity to leave Sheldon, but does she have the courage to stand on her own two feet, or will she go running back to the man she once knew was the first and only man she’d ever love?​

Crazier Than You Think...​

​When Adrian Wright allows his lifelong friend Ariel Rowland to move in with him, he is convinced it is the right thing to do. Suddenly everything that can go wrong does go wrong, and as difficult as it is for Adrian to accept, he realizes Ariel is behind it all. When he confronts Ariel he finds out just how crazy she really is, but no one believes that a sweet southern church girl like Ariel can tell a lie, much less do the things Adrian has accused her of. Because of the accusations Ariel turns on Adrian and it is up to him to prove his innocence or lose everything.
    Church Folks Series Titles

  • Crazier Than You Think (coming soon)
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