Oklahoma born Urban Fiction author Adria Cabey, is the author of the highly praised Church Folks Series. She has been writing fiction and poetry for nearly thirty years. She currently resides in Northeast Florida.
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Church Folks
Decisions Have Consequences
The Color of Love
Justifiably Joscelyn: The Rebound Guy
You Can Miss What You Never Had
The Proposition
Justifiably Joscelyn 2: Happily Never After
Love on Wednesday
I Don't
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  • Crazier Than You Think
  • Schooling Ms. B  
  • My Pets Ate My Homework
  • Justifiably Joscelyn 3: Life is Short
  • For the Love of Keljay
  • The King Has Returned
Church Folks Series
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Author Adria Cabey

The King Has Returned: Battle for the Throne

The 813 Crew is the most infamous gang in Hillsborough County, Florida. Former leader Royal “Roy” Washington is back after serving a twenty-five year federal prison bid, and ready to take his place on the throne, and avenge his brother Bishop’s unsolved murder. King “Bank” Washington, who has been riding under the radar and running the 813 Crew in the background for about a decade after being shot and temporarily paralyzed, resurfaces walking and unwilling to relinquish his reign in the 813.
While a few members of the 813 want Royal back in charge, the majority of the soldiers want his son and predecessor King to remain on top. Kira “Ki-Ki” Washington is the daughter of Royal, and the sister of King. Kira quickly realizes she cannot walk the line and has to choose a side. She is faced with the same dilemma her mother faced nearly three decades earlier. She can side with money and power of her father, or side with the love and respect of her brother.
A war breaks out among the 813 and Kira quickly finds that all is not fair in love and war. She finds herself wondering if maybe the 813 is ready for a queen, instead of a king. In this fight among the 813, no rules apply. Lies, deceit, and betrayal become a way of life because after all, there can only be one true king…or queen!